Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Dream of a World

Last night we had back to school night. We sat in the auditorium and listened to the principal tell us about an assembly all the children attended during their first week of school. At the assembly, he said, they spoke about how each student can make the world a better place, and that even by just being a good friend, the world is made better. I thought that was really nice. As we walked to Daughter’s kindergarten classroom, we saw posters created by the students. The title of each poster was “We Dream of a World Where….” And the kids drew a picture and wrote an ending to the title.
Before I grace you with Daughter’s poster, I want to give you a sampling of the different endings the other children supplied:
We Dream of a World

  • …where we clean the water
  • …where there is love
  • …where there is school
  • And more, all of which were some kind of environmentally friendly message

And then, we saw Daughter’s poster hanging proudly in the bottom right corner of the wall: