Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings

Does anyone else get the feeling that they are suddenly thinner the minute they start a diet? After one day on Weight Watchers, I always feel like my eyes are huge, and that there is no longer a double if it's possible to drop 10 lbs just by thinking about losing weight! Although, for the record, I do believe my husband is able to do just that. He says to me - oh, I think I want to lose some weight, and within three days has dropped at least 5 pounds. What is up with that, people?!
Tomorrow is Daughter's first day of ballet class. A rite of passage for our little girl. She called to me after her bath, and standing halfway down the staircase asked me - what are we going to do in ballet? What else? and what else? I've been preparing her for the disappointment that ballet class will not be an Ella Bella story with a magical music box, but I'm not sure it's sunk in yet.
I remember when I took ballet. My most vivid memory (and only memory) is of my cousin and I getting kicked out of ballet class because we were not behaved enough. Little did the teacher know that my cousin's neighbor would get us riled up, then sit back and let us be disciplined. In any case, it wasn't meant to be, because my butt is too big anyway.


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    1. Tina's neighbor from across the street. I think her name was Sina or Selena or something.