Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teaching Moments: Part Deux

Every night before we go to bed, we take Son and Daughter on one last bathroom run. I've read that in order to teach the kids to wake themselves, you have to make them do all the work (walk to the bathroom, pull up their pants, etc), so that's what we do. Son is actually pretty good with the night training; he would wake up dry regardless, but Daughter is having a more difficult time.
Last night, I came in to take her for the last run, and she had already wet the bed. It's a little frustrating to have to deal with when you're tired and worked a ten hour day and just want to go to bed, so I sternly told her to get out of bed and go to the bathroom and undress herself. As I'm stripping the bed, I hear her standing and crying right outside the bedroom door, so again, I yell to her to get undressed. She proceeds to wail and wail, and I'm thinking, this is a great teachable moment here. She will now realize that it's no fun to have to get up and get undressed in the middle of the night. This will probably prompt her to start trying to pay more attention to the need-to-pee feelings at night. She finally gets undressed (with moderate assistance from me) and I help her into her new pajamas, and I tuck her into bed. I snuggle up to her and kiss her soft cheek because I don't want to end this night with her still upset. In the morning, Daughter comes into our bedroom and asks - Mama, почему я одета в другой пижаме?! (Mama, why am I wearing a different pajama?) Doh!!! Looks like another fail in the Teachable Moment department!


  1. Could she be cold and peeing because of that?

  2. No, she was covered up to her neck in a down comforter.