Monday, April 15, 2013

Reading Corner: The War of the Wooden Soldiers

I bought a 1933 edition of a book called The War of the Wooden Soldiers on eBay. It caught my eye because Baby is obsessed with soldiers and knights and pirates. It is difficult to interest him in books; the same books about animals that interested Son and Daughter don't really light the fire for Baby. Part of me felt guilty; perhaps it's because I don't get to read to him as often as I read to the others. Perhaps it's because when I do read, I read something at the level and interest of the older children. I realized it was just a matter of interest when, one night, I grabbed a book on ancient castles (for a much older audience of 8-11) and Baby sat riveted through the entire time I sat reading excerpts from the book. I hoped that Baby would enjoy this eBay find, and boy, was I right! I had to read the book twice in a row, then the kids took it upstairs and Manya read it one more time before bed. I love how the books of that time we written at two different levels. More wordy for the advanced reader on one side, and a short sentence with a nice illustration on the other for the beginning or non-reader.
Note: this was written back in April, and the book is just as popular now as it was then.

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