Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Moment In Time

How often do I count the minutes before I can put the kids to bed? How often do I pray for the kids to just.stop.talking? I came home from work today....well, really this started yesterday....Daughter announced yesterday that tomorrow (today) she was going to take pictures of us in front of the Christmas tree. All fine and dandy, except yesterday we forgot, and she only remembered when it was time to go to bed. Of course. So I told her we could do it in the morning.Which we didn't, because it's always a war zone around here in the mornings. Getting ready for work, for school, for life. So, fast forward to evening, when I walk in the door after a full day of from work. The kids assail me, which is typical. And heartwarming. Until it's not. After wrestling with all three kids in my work clothes,  I go upstairs and change into something more comfortable. We sit down to dinner, and Daughter announces that we haven't taken pictures yet, and in order for her to take pictures, we all have to dress up. What?! I had just changed, so I told her she could take pictures of me as I am. And she refused. Of course. No pictures if we don't dress up. I was firmly standing my ground. Suddenly I realized that Husband was nowhere in sight. And then, there he was. Walking down the stairs in a suit and tie!

The kids were in the other room, and I knew what I had to do. I went upstairs and put on a dress (and spanks). Husband rocked it by putting on some pandora tunes on the iPhone, and a party was under way! Daughter was so happy, and here is the evidence of our everyday moment gone glamorous:


Tonight was one of those perfect evenings that I hope to never forget. It was what makes parenting worth it. I am so grateful to Daughter for staying true to the end result she wanted, and I am so grateful to Husband for taking that extra step to motivate me. Because the truth is, if it were up to me, it would have been pretty mundane tonight.

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