Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Recently, we decided to night-time potty train Daughter because we didn't want to buy any more diapers for her. We had tried this once before when size 6 diapers just wouldn't fit her anymore, but it failed miserably. This time, a few accidents, but she's definitely out of the training pants forever. Tonight, for the second time in a week, Daughter woke up and went to the bathroom by herself!

Today I wrote this for Daughter to read. She usually stats to cry when I bring out letter work, but today, she took the paper and her pencil, and said, я пойду сама постараюсь. (I will go try this myself) She came back and with minimal assistance read it back to me! The areas where she copied the words were blank for her to fill in with her own ending verbally. She enjoys that little surprise of being able to create a little story. Her little reward for a job well done!

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