Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Listen to your children, because they have dreams too" ~Joann Ripp

Life is a rough ride sometimes. It's tough to know that what you're doing is the right thing, and if it's the wrong thing, it's tough to decide to stop doing it. That's what life has taught me thus far. But I also know that once it's right, you feel amazing.
Almost six months into working full time, I am beginning to see the effects on the children. Any time I approach within five feet of the back door, even if I'm not going anywhere, Baby freaks out. Daughter shadows me every minute I am home, and sobs if I have to leave. Last week, I had go into work early, and couldn't drive Son to school. I told him that Papa would be taking him to school, and the next thing I know, Son is standing in front of me, still in his pajamas, with his coat, hat and shoes on. I didn't even know that Son was capable of putting on his shoes! Needless to say, my heart broke having to leave him at the door. Think scenes from movies where a parent is leaving a child for good, and the child packs a backpack and runs after the car screaming, "Take me with you!" Sigh...
Last week I attended DSAF and the Center for Community Inclusion's semi annual conference on Educating Children with Down syndrome. Last year's spring conference was a catalyst in getting me to question Son's placement. One thing reverberates in mind after the conference, and it is this: "You have to listen to your children, because they have dreams too." ~spoken by Joann Ripp, a 45 year old woman with Down syndrome, speaking on how to determine careers for young adults with Down syndrome. I can only hope to remember those words when it comes to guiding my children on a path.


  1. Perhaps it would be nice to hide a message sometimes that the kids have to find after you leave. It would add a thoughtful touch and might be fun!

  2. Ugh... this is going to suck when I have to start commuting.