Monday, February 13, 2012

Daughter Story Time

My 15-month old did something that neither of my other kids has ever done to date. When giving Baby a quick bath the other day, I didn't plug up the bathtub. We use one of the flat, circular stoppers. Baby totally figured me out, found the stopper and put it in the right spot to plug up the water! I was floored....and my belief that he is a genius was confirmed once again. lol.

Today I want to share some of Daughter's photography, and I believe it's quite appropriate for my Valentine's Day theme. Tonight, I feel the need to put down how much I love my children. However much I may complain, I would never give them back (yea, I know I can't even if I wanted to), and they light up my life. They make me responsible (I just don't always stay responsible). Husband sent me a picture at work today, and it made me realize how big the kids are getting, and how time is flying. I try to remember that when I am so irritated that I could just scream. It's hard to remember, though.

So back to Daughter's photography. I was going through my photos on my camera, and although I know that the kids hi-jack my camera sometimes, this is the first time that I've seen something that I wanted to keep.  And I even think they are worth sharing!

Apparently, Daughter has a new best friend - the Nutcracker. These are just a few of the many snapshots taken with him.

Here's the fun part: Daughter staged a story and captured it on film!

We may need to have a conversation about monogomy....


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  2. How unique to create a story through pictures! You should print them off and tie them together in a book!