Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Bits

It’s that time of year again – when my clothes is tight and my mood is low. But I’m making a stand and I’m back on the wagon again with a different mind frame. It’s not about losing weight for me right now (although hopefully it will be an added bonus); it’s about making better choices and eating healthier. Tried a great new recipe from, a Moroccan stew. Not only was it healthy, but it was a slow cooker recipe! And it tasted (and smelled) great!
Can I just mention, as a side note, that I hate eating oranges? This ties in, because I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, and although I do like oranges, I hate peeling them, and getting that orange peel stench on my fingers. I’ve had an orange sitting on my desk all week, and finally today I forced myself to peel it. I even washed my hands twice after peeling it, and I can still smell whiffs of orange peel on my fingers. Maybe I should draft Husband to peel the oranges for me…there’s an idea)
February 3, we went to Elizabeth Jordan’s reception for her Prayers and Written Offerings exhibit.
 This is the exhibit where Son’s photograph is hanging. When we walked up to the photograph, the first “graffiti” that popped out at me made my throat constrict with tears. Son’s friend, Billy, who also has Ds, had written Hi Kyprian! By Billy and drawn a heart in which he wrote a K on one side and a B on the other. I know Billy. And I know how much effort it takes for a child with low muscle tone to form his letters. But beyond that, this was Billy’s testament of friendship with Son.  

May this friendship grow for the rest of their lives. It was so overwhelming to see the kind thoughts that were written for my son.  I tried to take pictures of every piece, but every time I walked away and came back, there would be more I wanted to capture.

Daughter immortalizing her love
It was so nice for Kypa's closest friends to be there
Daughter and Friend could not stop drawing

"He will keep you!" -I love this one

Another friend was featured.

 It was a pretty moving experience. My heart clenches when I read what I captured on camera.

The two stars

But I have to say, my favorite part of the exhibit was the mirror, where you could reflect on yourself.

 It was a bit distracting to have so many people around, so even though I did write on every photograph, and on the mirror, I don’t feel like I really bared my soul, or wrote anything that I would have written had I had a chance to just be with each photo.

Friday night, Daughters tooth fell out! She has been waiting for this day for a long time. Earlier in the day, she told Husband, “You know what will happen when my tooth falls out? I’ll only be able to speak in English.” I had a long, hard laugh about that one. She was very anxious about the tooth fairy coming, and although she initially wanted to put her tooth in this plastic tooth container that her friend gave her, she decided not to because she was worried the tooth fairy wouldn’t find the tooth. We opted for a small zip lock bag used for extra buttons, and she wrote a nice little note to the tooth fairy. I’m sure the tooth fairy appreciated it, because she left a note for Daughter as well. So sweet. Except the tooth fairy forgot to tell Daughter to brush her teeth every day, but remembered to tell her to buy some candy with the money she left. You can’t win ‘em all.

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